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Common problems for large trucks

Sharing the road with other drivers always presents some level of danger, but the danger increases dramatically when one is sharing the road with a large truck. On top of all of the ways that that a traditional driver can wreak havoc, large trucks present some unique dangers to other vehicles and drivers. It is always best to treat large trucks with respect and use extra caution whenever you are sharing the road with one or more of them. Understanding some of the increased risks of large trucks can help you avoid serious injury or death.

Large trucks or other vehicles towing a trailer or other separate piece are prone to jackknifing, which can be very destructive to all involved in an accident. Jackknifing occurs when the two pieces of the vehicle, the main cab and the trailer being hauled, begin to travel in different directions, becoming difficult or impossible for the driver to control. This often happens if the driver must stop abruptly, or swerve for some reason. In some cases, courts have determined that a driver was not negligent in a jackknifing accident, if the circumstances were considered unavoidable.

Large trucks also require much more room than a smaller vehicle to make turns — especially when turning right. Many instances require a truck driver to use two lanes in order to make a right-hand turn, which can catch a vehicle in the right lane off guard and trap them in the process. It is always wise to give a large truck extra room to make a turn, keeping everyone safer in the process.

Unfortunately, even for those who are diligent to give trucks extra room and drive with greater care when they are present, accidents do happen. If you have been injured in an accident with a large truck, you deserve to have your experience professionally evaluated. Proper legal guidance can help you seek justice for your losses while protecting your rights.

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