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What Documents Do I Need for my Truck Accident Claim?

When you’ve been injured in a truck accident, your life can be turned upside down in a split second. In addition to the emotional shock of the experience itself, you suddenly have to cope with physical pain, financial stress, and potential time away from work. If the accident was another party’s fault, the sense of injustice can feel incredibly overwhelming. 

You may be entitled to file a claim against the truck driver or the trucking company to compensate you for your financial losses and your physical and emotional pain and suffering. However, to have a chance at the most favorable outcome for your case, it is important to have as much strong evidence as possible. Your attorney may be able to assist you in gathering many of these documents, but you can make things go even more smoothly if you bring any relevant evidence to your initial consultation.

Supporting Documents for your Claim

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After being involved in a truck accident, you should contact law enforcement at the scene so that the police can create an accident report. It is also essential that you do not admit fault, or the trucker’s insurance company could use this against you. 

You can begin gathering some of the documents you need while still at the scene. For other pieces of information, you will need to be diligent about maintaining paperwork in the hours, days, and weeks that follow the accident. The documentary evidence that can benefit your claim includes:

    Police report of the accident

    Your medical records

    Diagnostic images (x-ray, MRI, etc.)

    Photographs of visible injuries

    Hospital/ambulance bills

    Pharmacy receipts

    Home care invoices

    Financial documentation to calculate lost income, such as pay stubs, tax returns, and 1099s

    Invoices or quotes for automobile repairs

    Receipts for alternative transportation

    Photographs of the accident scene

    Trucker’s name, phone number, and employment information

    Names, phone numbers, and insurance information of any other drivers involved

    Names and phone numbers of eyewitnesses 

It’s possible that you may not be able to compile all this evidence on your own. Nevertheless, it is prudent that you contact an accident attorney as soon as you can so that they can help you obtain any time-sensitive documents and evidence that will strengthen your claim. For example, if there is surveillance footage from businesses or establishments near the scene of the collision, it is crucial to procure it before it is erased.

Other Documents and Evidence that Can Help Your Claim

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In many cases, there will be pieces of evidence that you cannot obtain on your own. This is where an attorney can be especially helpful, as they will be able to take the steps necessary to secure these items. This evidence can include:

    Arrest records: If the police arrested anyone at the scene, this information could be vital in proving fault.

    Cell phone records: These records can indicate if the truck driver was texting or talking on the phone at the time of the accident.

    Truck’s black box data: All commercial trucks are outfitted with a black box, which provides information about how fast the truck was moving and other vital clues to an accident’s cause.

    Driver’s logs: The driver’s log must be up to date and have the total number of miles the driver has driven within the last 24 hours.

    Truck maintenance logs:  It is a requirement by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration that all motor carriers have a record showing they have abided by safety regulations.

    Weigh station records: This documentation is received by drivers as they stop at weigh stations along their route.

    Tollbooth receipts: A receipt at a tollbooth shows a trucker’s route and when they passed through an area.

Every truck accident claim is unique, but a skilled attorney will be able to carefully assess which forms of evidence will be the most helpful. A personal injury lawyer who has helped clients prevail in these kinds of claims will be adept at compiling and using the necessary documentation so that your case can have a chance at the most favorable resolution possible.

Sometimes trucking companies or their insurance representatives attempt to withhold some of these pieces of evidence. Your attorney can file a subpoena to acquire the necessary documents in such cases. Contact us immediately if you’d like to get started.

Discuss your Case with a Louisiana Truck Accident Attorney Today

If you or a loved one has recently received injuries in a truck accident, the next steps you take can make a measurable difference. Be sure to avoid speaking to the truck company’s insurance representatives until you have a lawyer present, as they may try to get you to accept a low-ball settlement. 

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