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How Texting While Driving Causes Truck Accidents

Everyone loves their cell phones. We all like to be instantly connected with our friends and family, even when we’re on the road. Driving takes concentration, and using your phone to text can be hazardous. According to the National Highway Transportation Safety...

Preventing Truck Accidents in Louisiana Winters

Winter in Louisiana is a time of rain, mud, and sometimes, like this winter, even ice and snow. One thing that doesn’t change is that cars and SUVs share the road with 18-wheelers. Commercial traffic doesn’t change during the winter months, and may even be greater...

What Are the Training Requirements for Truck Drivers?

Truck drivers are professional drivers. Their job consists of crisscrossing the country, delivering goods to those who need them. It is difficult and often exhausting and stressful work. It also carries immense risks. Commercial trucks are massive vehicles, sometimes...

How Does Fatigue Affect Truck Accidents?

According to the Large Truck Causation Study, data from commercial truck accidents revealed that 13% of all drivers were fatigued at the time they crashed. Unfortunately, truck accidents can have deadly consequences. This is because there is such a large size...

Why Is the Black Box Important in Truck Accidents?

Truck accidents are uniquely frightening experiences. Commercial trucks can weigh as much as 80,000 pounds fully loaded, while most passenger cars only tip the scales at around 3,000 pounds. When a passenger car is caught in the path of a reckless or negligent truck...

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