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Commercial And Business Litigation

At Veron Bice, LLC, our team of skilled and formidable litigation lawyers are prepared to represent your business and commercial interests in all manner of disputes. From disputes with outside clients, vendors, and associates to internal conflict requiring legal action, you can depend on our experience and legal understanding.

Experienced Litigators Helping Your Business Thrive

We will evaluate your goals in the matter and find the most efficient and effective manner possible to reach those goals. Whether the parties involved can arrive at an agreeable and speedy resolution through negotiation or if the case must be escalated to court, we are equipped to provide a tenacious and prepared representation of your interests.

Our team of skilled litigators possesses the skill and understanding required to successfully try the matter in court, and we never back down from the trial. We assist clients in a broad range of business and commercial litigation matters, including:

  • Contract disputes
  • Partnership disputes
  • Intellectual property disputes
  • Tax disputes
  • Land use disputes

Contact Our Louisiana Commercial Litigation Attorneys

You can be assured that we provide each client with the same level of sophisticated representation. We are committed to providing highly individualized counsel, addressing each client’s specific needs.

We are deeply familiar with local and state laws governing businesses and commerce, particularly in areas of oil company litigation. We have the skill and experience in trial preparation needed to face-off against these large corporations in matters of dispute.

We provide complimentary initial consultations to assess where your legal concern stands and what can be done to resolve the matter as efficiently as possible. To arrange a meeting, please contact our Lake Charles law firm at 337-310-1600.

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