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Environmental damages aren’t always obvious cases. Many landowners aren’t actually aware of what is happening on their land as a result of oil companies’ negligence. Evidence of damages to land by oil and gas contamination may not be visible to the naked, unaided eye. Also, it could have suffered damage years or decades before it has been found. The land contamination lawyers at Veron Bice, LLC have been helping the people of Lake Charles hold oil companies responsible for their actions for dozens of years.

Dedicated Louisiana Land Contamination Lawyers

At Veron Bice, LLC, our attorneys assist landowners in establishing that contamination did occur and that the oil companies are responsible. With the assistance of noted experts in the field, we swiftly and skillfully collect the necessary evidence through tests, documentation, and samples. Not only will the information we find help to determine just how much land and water contamination has occurred, but it will also serve to build a strong case against the parties responsible.

We’ll also investigate the history of your property, including reports of all oil activity that has occurred on your land. We go to the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources to find out what has gone on. These reports give us a clear understanding of how we can best proceed.

Louisiana Land Pollution Lawyers

Finding answers in these matters requires bulldog diligence and a multiple-discipline approach to understanding the full scope of the matter. We will uncover the evidence needed to prove fault and seek justice.

Our team of skilled and aggressive environmental law litigators is equipped to build a solid case to seek restitution on your behalf.

Lastly, we provide free initial consultations to determine the extent of your damages. To arrange a meeting, please contact our Louisiana law firm today at 337-310-1600.

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