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As a landowner issuing leases to oil and gas companies, as well as other developers, you are exposed to a wide variety of damages and losses at the potential negligence of these companies. At Veron Bice, LLC, our landowner rights lawyers in Lake Charles, Louisiana, are deeply familiar with the kinds of matters that can arise, and we are more than equipped to handle them in legal proceedings.

Louisiana Oil And Gas Royalties Lawyers

You need to make sure that the oil and gas lease or contract ensures that the company or operator is responsible for restoring the property to its original condition after development and work are completed. Many people fail to bargain for terms like this, allowing the oil company to push through pre-printed forms that leave the door open for reckless drilling and leftover waste following the operations.

Errors in the drafting of these leases can leave you with unclean, dangerous pits on your property when the companies fail to close them. You want to carefully review the operators who are seeking a lease of your land, vetting for prudent operators that utilize the latest and safest technology available to extract the oil and to dispose of the waste properly.

You want to avoid operators who have poorly funded drilling operations. While they may be able to drill for oil, if they make any number of costly mistakes, the land in that area will be unable to render oil in the future — at your expense. It is not uncommon for these companies to do improper accounting, not paying you the royalties or payments that you are entitled to.

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