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Water Contamination

With the discovery of a large reservoir of natural gas located two miles underground in Louisiana, gas companies descended upon the state. Using methods of hydraulic fracturing or fracking to extract the gas from under the surface, the companies recklessly placed residents and landowners in harm’s way which also could have caused water contamination.

While the gas companies continue to claim that fracking is safe, studies have shown that the toxins being blasted into the rock to extract the gas are harmful to water supplies, as well as air quality. In Louisiana, fracking has had a profound impact on water supplies and wells, forcing the evacuation of families throughout the state.

If you fear that your water supply is in danger, you must act now. The state of Louisiana has done little, if anything, to regulate these practices, leaving residents vulnerable to the potential dangers.

Louisiana Water Pollution Attorney — Fighting For Justice Following Environment Contamination

At Veron Bice, LLC, we are committed to seeking justice for those who have suffered damages as a result of the oil and gas companies’ irresponsible actions and the state’s refusal to do anything about it.

With regulatory agencies standing by while this activity occurs, the landowner must act on his or her own to hold these companies accountable.

We have the experience and strength of environmental law litigation that you need to go up against these companies. We will build a solid case on your behalf, based on evidence and testing of your land that shows the extent of the land contamination, water contamination, and soil contamination.

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