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Fatal Big Rig Crashes Can Have a Host of Causes

Many drivers choose to drive safely so that they can arrive at their destination in one piece and on time. When drivers aren’t doing this, there is a chance that a fatal accident might occur. One of the big questions that comes up after a fatal accident is what led to the crash.

When one of the vehicles involved is an 18-wheeler, there are some special considerations that have to be factored in when trying to determine the cause of the crash. Here are some of the common causes of big rig crashes:

Tight scheduling

The need to rush to make promised delivery windows can lead to serious problems. These start when the truck is being loaded because workers might rush to get the task done. This can cause a load to be improperly secured, which means it can shift or come loose while it is being transported.

Trying to rush can also cause trucker fatigue and a lax viewpoint regarding compliance with the Hours of Service regulations. In these cases, the trucking company might be liable for any accidents due to negligence regarding the scheduling.

Driver’s action

driver’s actions can lead to crashes. Truckers need to remember that their rigs aren’t as easy to maneuver as passenger vehicles. They need more room to turn and more distance to stop. Other drivers might not respect the No Zones, which are blind spots for the trucker. This means truckers must be careful about changing lanes on busy roads like Interstate 10, especially moving through cities like Lake Charles, Lafayette, Baton Rouge and New Orleans.

Truckers who are distracted by anything from trying to eat a quick meal to checking in with loved ones can cause crashes. They need to institute a strict policy of remaining focused on the roadway and their driving duties if the truck is in motion.

Truck maintenance and components

Proper maintenance is crucial to ensure that a big rig is roadworthy. The components on the truck must all be in good repair and free from defects. When a truck isn’t maintained or there is an issue with any component, there is a chance that a malfunction will occur that can lead to a fatal accident.

The cause of the crash is only one of the points that comes into the picture when a person is killed in a big rig crash. Family members who are left to pick up the pieces might decide to seek compensation for the crash. The wrongful death lawsuit has many components, including factoring in the monetary amount of damages caused by the tragic and untimely death.

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