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Crop Dusting, A Dangerous Business

Louisiana residents are never surprised to see small aircraft flying overhead during the warm months of summer. Crop dusting is serious business for pilots in the area, and keeping soybeans and corn fields well fertilized and free of pests is a full-time job. Just as...

Strict Liability in Airplane Accidents

Most of the time, when you hear about aviation accidents, it is assumed to be the result of either pilot error or mechanical failure.  In the case of pilot error, where negligence was found, the airline may be held responsible for the crash, accident or injury. When a...

Can I Get Compensated For a Turbulence Related Injury?

Crashes are not the only plane related accidents that cause injury. When someone tells you air travel is safer than driving, keep in mind that many injuries can happen while in-flight are unrelated to crashes. Although it's pretty difficult to sprain your ankle or...

Aviation Accident Kills One, Leaves Four Others Injured

There's nothing on this planet quite like the feeling of flight. The exhilaration of taking off into the sky is only matched by the beautiful view of the earth from above. Of course, like anything involving high speeds and mechanical parts, there are inherent risks to...

A Look At The Statistics On General Aviation Accidents

As time goes by and the technology gets better and better in the world of aviation, you would think that the frequency of plane crashes would have slowly decreased. And they have, but only in commercial aviation. General aviation accidents have increased dramatically...

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