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Can I Get Compensated For a Turbulence Related Injury?

Crashes are not the only plane related accidents that cause injury. When someone tells you air travel is safer than driving, keep in mind that many injuries can happen while in-flight are unrelated to crashes.

Although it’s pretty difficult to sprain your ankle or suffer a concussion while riding in a car, it is very possible to suffer these types of injuries while riding in a plane. Passengers have experienced everything from minor shaking to major bumps which usually does not present any threat of injury. However, air travel can get a little rough, especially when turbulent air masses shake and jolt the cabin of the plane. If passengers are not warned of potential turbulence, these sudden, violent movements can cause serious injuries.

Even if turbulence is expected and passengers are prepared, other issues such as seatbelt malfunctions or unsecured baggage may cause injury. Although it is your responsibility as a passenger to listen to and follow the instructions of the pilot and staff, it is also the responsibility of the carrier to provide you with the safest travel possible.

If you experienced turbulence during air travel and suffered an injury due to pilot negligence or plane defect, a case may potentially be made. In-flight injury cases can be difficult and injuries related to turbulence can be even more so. Our skilled attorneys will examine every aspect of your case to determine if negligence or liability lies with the carrier, staff or pilot. Our attorneys know aviation law inside and out and have used this knowledge and our resources to help countless others injured during air travel.

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