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Authorities Investigating The Cause of Plane Crash

Imagine this scenario: a couple gets back from church one morning to discover that a plane has crashed in their backyard. They rush out to look for survivors and find the roof of the plane completely ripped off. One man is dead but one man has survived, though he’s severely injured. That’s exactly what happened in mid June in a small Texan town outside of San Antonio.

The injured man was transported to the hospital for treatment. Members of the Federal Aviation Administration and the National Transportation Safety Board are currently investigating the crash. So far, the word is that the plane was attempting to land at Gillespie County Airport when the plane lost power. Presumably, the pilot tried to make it as far as he could, but came up short of the runway. Investigators aren’t sure whether the deceased man or the survivor was the pilot at the time of the airplane accident.

In aviation accident cases like these, it can be difficult for investigators to uncover evidence as it is often destroyed in the impact or the resulting fire. However, aviation attorneys are trained in rooting out what evidence is left to make a case. They will try to determine whether the pilot was distracted or took improper measures, but they may also look into manufacturing or maintenance errors that could have led to an engine failure.

If negligence is involved, the attorney may be able to fight for the victims to get compensation for medical expenses, loss of wages, funeral costs and pain and suffering.

Source: ksat.com, “Victim killed in Hill Country plane crash ID’d; survivor taken to hospital,” Pat Barton, June 14, 2015

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