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A better economy raises the risk of a fatal trucking accident

Given the vast number of negative aftereffects of a truck accident in Louisiana and across the U.S., researchers are constantly trying to come to a determination as to why they happen and to find ways to prevent them. The common reasons that come to mind including recklessness, speeding, driving under the influence, or truckers who violate the law when it comes to getting adequate rest. However, a recent study has come up with the surprising conclusion that a better economy has led to a greater number of fatal commercial truck crashes.

This study extends from trucks on the interstate to construction vehicles and delivery vehicles. Because a stronger economy can lead to the purchasing of more goods, this will naturally increase the chances that trucks will be in a crash. Given their size and the speeds at which they travel, these vehicles can cause a massive amount of damage, lead to injuries, medical expenses and fatalities. The researcher found that there was a connection between the economy and the number of motor vehicle accidents.

While there was a recession between 2007 and 2009, the number of fatal motor vehicle accidents reduced by nearly 18 percent. With this, the rate of unemployment across the country doubled from what it was. When the economy got better, there came an accompanying increase in fatal motor vehicle accidents. Statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration regarding fatal crashes showed that in the decade between 2003 and 2013, it was found that trucks that weighed more than 10,000 pounds were the greatest factor in the rise in fatal accidents. As the unemployment rate declined by 1 percent, there was an increase in fatal truck crashes by 8 percent.

While certain safety initiatives might be considered given this information, that does not change the fact that a delivery truck, a commercial truck or other large vehicle can cause injuries and death. Those who are aware of this research might try to take certain precautions, but when there is a truck accident, there is often little that can be done to prevent the worst case scenario. Those who have lost a loved one at any time in a trucking accident need to be aware of their right to seek compensation with help from an experienced legal professional who is aware of the statistics and other aspects of these crashes.

Source: sciencedaily.com, “Study links recession recovery, increase in commercial truck fatalities,” July 11, 2016

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