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Worn tires may cause Louisiana accidents

All motorists have a legal obligation to operate a vehicle with reasonable care in order to reduce the potential for causing harm to others. Keeping a vehicle properly maintained is just one aspect of safeguarding against auto accidents. The condition of the vehicle’s tires, for example, warrants specific attention regarding wear and tear. Some research suggests that when the tread on tires become worn, traction can be significantly affected, which affects a driver’s ability to safely control the vehicle in a variety of circumstances.

When rainy weather results in wet road conditions, drivers need to exercise caution to avoid a car accident. The grooves on a tire provide a way for rainwater to be rerouted as a car drives through puddles. If the tires are worn and the grooves have lost depth, the tire may skim over the surface of the water and become unresponsive to the steering wheel. In addition, vehicles with worn tires also tend to take longer to slow down on wet pavement, making it necessary for drivers to factor in the extra time needed to come to a safe stop. This can be particularly dangerous if other motorists are in the vicinity and a safe distance between vehicles was not maintained during travel.

Since worn tires may lose traction on the road in certain conditions, it is crucial for drivers to take responsibility for the maintenance of their tires by performing routine checks that target specific problems, including a loss of depth in the grooves. The failure to keep tires in optimal condition for driving in rainy or snowy weather may be considered negligent if an accident occurs because of wear.

If an accident has occurred, a Lake Charles car accident lawyer could try to determine if negligence was involved. The victim of another driver’s negligent behavior could be entitled to compensation for financial losses, such as medical expenses and lost wages.

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