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What kind of compensation is available in personal injury cases?

When you suffer an injury as the result of someone else’s negligence, you have a right to seek compensation from the responsible party. Most people think of personal injury compensation as pain and suffering, but there are actually a number of different categories for which a victim can ask to be recompensed. That’s because the damages from an injury can affect a person’s quality of life in a wide variety of ways.

With that in mind, let’s look at some of the various types of legal compensation you can receive for an accident:

  • If the injury leaves you physically disfigured, you might be able to get compensation for the mental suffering it causes you.
  • If a disability has left you unable to tend to common household chores, compensation may include money to hire a helper around the house.
  • When a married person is injured, it can adversely affect his or her partner’s emotional or sexual life in irreparable ways. Victims can seek compensation for these “Loss of Consortium” damages.
  • Many injuries leave victims unable to perform their duties at work, and they no longer earn a paycheck. Personal injury damages can make up for that loss of income while the case is pending, but they can also be awarded for future wages.
  • If the victim suffers a permanent disability or mental anguish that hinders his or her enjoyment of life, those damages can be included in the lawsuit.
  • Courts also allow room for special damages, which can be anything that affects the victim, but doesn’t fit in the other categories.

To find out if your case is worth pursuing, you may want to speak with an attorney in your area.

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