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What are Some of the Most Common Causes of Burn Injuries?

Every year, close to 500,000 people are injured in some sort of fire. And this doesn’t count the number of people who are burned but don’t seek treatment. Sadly, there are another 3,300 people who die as the result of house fires or smoke inhalations every year in his country. While most of these are caused by ordinary house fires, some of these are the result of negligence.

If someone suffers a burn injury due to another party’s negligence, they may have a possible claim for damages. For example, if someone is burned from a piece of machinery, they may have a claim against the manufacturer or owner of the equipment. Or, if a truck carrying a dangerous chemical gets into an accident that causes a deadly fire, the victims can sue for damages.

Thankfully, most burns are not that serious. Anyone who suffers a first or second-degree burn can often be treated quite easily. They can apply over the counter ointments or have a doctor treat the injury. Even second-degree burns heal in about three to eight weeks. However, if someone suffer a third or fourth-degree burn, it’s an entirely different story.

Here, we’ll talk about how dangerous these severe burn injuries can be. We’ll also talk a bit about what the most common causes of these burn injuries are. If you or your loved one suffer a burn injury at the hands of another, you really need to call an experienced personal injury lawyer in Lake Charles right away.

What are the Different Types of Burns in Louisiana?

Not all burn injuries are very serious. While first and second-degree burns may be painful, they often heal themselves. There isn’t really any specific treatment for these types of burns. For example, if you suffer a second-degree burn, you may experience blisters and some damage to your tissue or muscles. However, these injuries will heal on their own within a month or two. And, for first-degree burns, there is nothing a doctor can do but tell you to use over the counter treatments. This may include anything from a topical lotion to bandages.

If you suffer a third- or fourth-degree burn, on the other hand, you will need extensive medical treatment. These burns can reach all the way down to the bone. They require multiple surgeries and can be the most painful of all injuries.

Some of the Common Causes of Serious Burn Injuries

There are certain things that are more likely to result in a serious burn injury. Personal injury lawyers in Lake Charles are very familiar with these types of accidents. Some of the most common causes of serious burn injuries include the following:

  • Smoke Inhalation – This is usually the result of a house fire. If you suffer a fire due to arson or defective wiring, you may have a potential legal claim.
  • Thermal Burns – These burns are often suffered due to a spilled liquid. It can also be caused from exposure to steam.
  • Electrical burns – These are very common causes of personal injury lawsuits. If you’re exposed to a live wire or are burned by a piece of machinery, you will likely have a claim for damages. Your Lake Charles injury lawyer will have to prove that a third party was responsible for the burn injury.
  • Chemical – For people who work in certain industries, chemical fires are common. These can be caused by acids, corrosive substances or even industrial accidents.

If you or your loved one are hurt in any of these sorts of accidents, call a skilled injury lawyer in Louisiana right away. Depending on the facts of your case, you may be entitled to certain damages.

Contact a Skilled Personal Injury Lawyer in Lake Charles Right Away

If you or your child suffer any sort of burn injury, you should call our office. If somebody else is responsible for your injuries, then you may need the services of an experienced personal injury lawyer in Lake Charles. Sit down with a seasoned legal professional who has handled cases like yours before. They can answer any questions you may have. They’ll also give you an idea of how strong your case is.

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