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Tips For Avoiding Left-Turn Motorcycle Accidents

There are many dangers for motorcycle riders in Louisiana, from cars changing lanes abruptly to storms and other weather events. However, one of the most dangerous situations a rider can find himself or herself in is when another car turns left in front of the motorcycle. These left-turn accidents are potentially deadly and happen in just a split second.

Avoiding them is not always possible, but experts do note that riders must pay attention by looking for cars that are slowing down, with their blinkers on, or sitting in the turn lane. Remember that they may be waiting for other cars to go by, but they may not have seen the smaller motorcycle. Keep a close eye on the car so that you can react the moment it starts moving out of the turn lane.

It’s also very important not to speed. It’s already hard for many drivers to see the motorcycle in time; if you’re going 20 mph over the limit, it’s not only harder for them to see you, but it’s also harder for you to stop in time when you see the danger.

Finally, make sure you’re always eyeing your escape route, whether the best option is to swerve, to brake or to lay the bike down. If you’re ready to make that maneuver at a moment’s notice, there’s a far better chance you’ll do it in time to avoid the crash.

Of course, even driving defensively and looking for drivers who are about to make mistakes won’t help you avoid all accidents. If a driver cut in front of you and you were injured, you may be able to get compensation for your medical bills, pain and suffering and much more. Contact the motorcycle accident lawyers with Veron Bice, LLC for more information.

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