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Texting and driving still a known danger for Louisiana teens

Aware of the dangers that being distracted behind the wheel creates, Louisiana is moving forward with a week dedicated to imploring teens to avoid texting and driving. While this is a tactic designed to shed light on the risks of an auto accident when not paying attention to the road, studies are still looking into exactly why a teen might choose to use a smartphone or take part in other activities that divert their attention. It has been found that in spite of the growing attention that people have directed toward distracted driving, teens are still significantly influenced by parents who might partake in the practice.

A study by an insurer found that a large number of drivers take part in dangerous behaviors when driving, and these go beyond texting or using a smartphone for other reasons. They include changing clothes and brushing their teeth. The biggest danger, according to researchers, is texting and driving as it requires cognitive, manual and visual attention.

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