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Texting and driving and cellphone use a common cause of accidents

When Louisiana drivers are out on the road, the number of fellow drivers using their smartphones while driving is a concern. Unfortunately, it is a function of today’s society that technology has advanced to the point where everyone is constantly dialed in. The temptation for many is too much for them to simply put the phone down and stop using it. While research and attempts on the part of law enforcement to tamp down on this activity are ongoing, it still happens and is a frequent cause of a car crash.

It is difficult to determine exactly how many accidents are a result of texting and driving, surfing the web or simply talking on a cellphone. Data from across the nation regarding fatal accidents in the U.S. in 2014 asserted that distracted driving was considered to be a factor that contributed in 3,000 of the more than 44,500 accidents that led to a fatality. Nearly 400 of them were distracted because of using a cellphone. It is believed that these distracted behaviors are actually underreported because the reports by law enforcement are relatively random and unreliable since drivers are not going to say that they were distracted when the accident occurred and it can be hard to find evidence of it in a crash reconstruction.

Interviews that were conducted regarding accidents from a decade ago that had one vehicle that needed to be towed centered around distracted behaviors. This research found that drivers were talking to a passenger in 16 percent of the accidents. In 5 percent, the driver was focusing on an object or another occupant. In 3 percent, the driver was using a cellphone. And in 2 percent, the driver was eating or drinking. It was not determined whether the behaviors were contributing factors in the accident. Since these studies are based on interviews, it can be hard to determine the actual numbers.

One thing is certain when it comes to a car crash and the increasing ability to multitask with a smartphone: drivers are partaking in the behavior to an alarming degree and it is unavoidable that this will result in accidents. If there was an injury or a fatality in an accident due to a driver using a cellphone, it is important to know how to have the case investigated and move forward with a legal filing for compensation with help from an attorney experienced in cases involving an auto accident.

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