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Sunbeam recalls defective heater that sprays hot oil

The Sunbeam Corporation has issued a recall affecting anyone in Louisiana who purchased a product they manufactured that has been shown to be defective. Their Holmes brand of space heaters has been demonstrated to be capable of malfunctioning and spraying hot oil during ordinary use. This has the capacity to be extremely dangerous and damaging to both structures and people.

Approximately 34,000 units sold are affected by the recall. They were 23-inch tall plug-in heaters that work with oil. These models were marketed at Target and a variety of smaller department stores for a suggested retail price of $50. All models affected by the recall were sold between August and November of 2014.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission already has 40 reports of the heater damaging property by spraying heated oil on it. No injuries have yet been reported as a result of this product. Sunbeam advises that anyone who purchased one of the heaters should unplug it immediately and cease using it. They are offering a complete refund to anyone who purchased one of the defective models.

Any company that puts out a product with defects that causes destruction to the area around it can be held responsible for the price of repair and replacement. This also applies to the financial cost that comes from injuries to a human being. Any injured person may be able to collect compensation for their medical bills as well as their pain and suffering. Any permanent debility that resulted from their wounds may also be cause for redress. An attorney can be helpful to those who wish to file a suit against a corporation, especially if there are other people who have been harmed by the product and there is some desire to combine the suits.

Source: ABC News, “Sunbeam Recalls Holmes Space Heaters That Can Spray Hot Oil,” Associated Press, Jan. 29, 2015

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