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Serious injuries follow flammable sunscreen accident

As summer approaches, the people of Lake Charles will need to invest in sunscreen to reduce the risk of sunburns and skin cancer. It is likely that one man was similarly trying to avoid sun damage when he applied an aerosol sunscreen from Banana Boat recently. Instead, he ended up with second-degree burns on his back, chest and ear after the sunscreen caught fire when he approached his grill.

Though the man is not filing a dangerous products lawsuit, if a Louisiana resident becomes similarly injured by an aerosol sunscreen, he or she may be able to sue the sunscreen’s manufacturer. If a product doesn’t indicate that it could be potentially dangerous, or in this case flammable, a consumer who is injured may have a products liability claim and should seek the assistance of a lawyer who can explain what legal options are available.

The man who caught fire says that he had sprayed himself with his sunscreen away from the grill, as the label said that the sunscreen could be flammable if applied near a heat source. The warning does not, however, warn consumers that the sunscreen could remain flammable while it is drying.

After he got to the grill, the man ignited and he was immediately in extreme pain. He still is recovering over ten days after this dangerous accident.

Again, this man is choosing not to file a products liability lawsuit against Banana Boat. Rather, he wants others to learn from this horrific incident and wait until the sunscreen is completely dry before approaching any kind of flame.

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