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Riding motorcycles in rural areas has its own risks

In states like Louisiana, where the majority of the acreage is rural or suburban areas, it can be a mixed bag for many motorcyclists. On the one hand, lower crowding on roadways and the availability of beautiful roads tracing through the countryside is often ideal for riders looking for a good day trip without too much congestion. Unfortunately, that very open and remote quality that is so valuable can become a liability. A Louisiana man came face-to-face with just this situation not too long ago, when he waited for over 30 hours for emergency personnel to arrive after he suffered a serious accident, which sadly took the life of his friend and riding partner.

The man and his friend were riding on a stretch of road in Tennessee that is known to be dangerous for drivers and riders alike. One of the riders slowed down and was struck by the other, sending both of them off of the road and injuring them severely. The two waited for hours to be found, but the remoteness of the area made it near miraculous that anyone was able to find them, or hear the less-injured survivor’s cries for help. Eventually, help found them, but they did not receive needed medical attention for nearly 30 hours, resulting in one of the riders succumbing to his injuries.

Riding a motorcycle is an innately dangerous proposition, no matter how experienced a rider you might be. While this is not necessarily a reason to hang up your chaps and helmet and put the bike up for sale, it is a harsh reality of those who choose to ride. If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident, it can be difficult to know how your expenses will be covered, or who will make up the differences when you lose income while you are racking up bills in recovery. With the guidance of an experienced attorney, you can explore your options with confidence, and get back to the business of recovery.

Source: WATE, “Louisiana man recovering after Blount County motorcycle crash, 30 hour wait,” Laura Halm and Kelly Reinke, Oct. 28, 2016

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