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How Does PTSD Affect Your Life?

If you’re in a serious car accident in Louisiana, you may end up with very severe injuries. Even if your injuries aren’t all that serious, you could experience trauma from the event. For some people, this can lead to something called Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

PTSD can be caused by any traumatic event. A lot of people with PTSD developed it as a result of being in war. Other people who are victims of terrible assaults may be diagnosed with PTSD. But a serious car accident can also cause PTSD in certain people.

Some people think that PTSD is a fake disease. When they hear someone is suffering from PTSD, they tell them buck up and get over it. And, it’s understandable why some people would feel this way. You can’t see PTSD. And, for every one person who suffers from PTSD, a hundred others are fine. It really depends on your emotional state and how you can handle trauma.

If you’re suffering PTSD due to a car accident, you need to speak with a car accident lawyer in Lake Charles. They have experience handling cases like yours. They’ll work hard to get you compensation for your injury.

What is PTSD?

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is a psychiatric condition that occurs in people who were either involved in or witnessed certain types of events. Some of the events that can cause or trigger PTSD include:

  • Natural disasters
  • Terrific crimes such as attempted murder or rape
  • Fires
  • Boating accidents
  • Military operations
  • Near-death experiences
  • Serious traffic accidents

Believe it or not, about 3% of all people are diagnosed with PTSD. And, 1 of every 11 people in the U.S. will suffer PTSD at some point in their lives. It is something that stays with you for life, although you may only suffer episodes every now and then.

PTSD has many different types of symptoms. They can be moderate or severe, depending on your situation. Some of the symptoms of PTSD include:

  • Repeated thoughts about the event – These may take the forms of dreams, visions or just recurring thoughts
  • Avoiding things that remind you of the event – You may avoid driving by the place where your car accident took place. Or, you may be afraid to get into a car at all.
  • Negative thoughts and beliefs – When triggered, people with PTSD may think that bad things are happening to themselves or other people. For example, they may think that friends or family members are hurt for no reason.
  • Reactive symptoms – People with PTSD may appear to be distressed or annoyed. They may lash out at people while dealing with a PTSD episode. They become intrusive and very protective. This is in response to their thoughts about the original traumatic event.

Your Lake Charles car accident attorney is familiar with these signs and symptoms. They also understand how much PTSD can affect your life.

How Does PTSD Affect Your Day to Day Life?

Certain injuries sustained in a car accident can be resolved with surgery or physical therapy. For example, if you break your leg in a car crash, they can reset the bone. In a few months you’ll be as good as new. PTSD doesn’t work that way.

Most people carry PTSD with them their entire lives. Once the accident is over, you may experience the symptoms of PTSD forever. You may not be able to work or enjoy a robust social life after your accident. You may be afraid to leave the house.

People with PTSD can suffer in their day to day lives in many ways, including:

  • Fear of new places or new people
  • Afraid to drive or even walk down the street
  • Chronic fear that something bad is going to happen
  • Debilitating anxiety
  • Constant mistrust of other people

All of these things can make your life very difficult. Your Lake Charles accident attorney understands this. They’ll try hard to get you the pain and suffering damages you deserve.

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If you’ve been injured in a car accident, you should contact an experienced Lake Charles accident attorney today. They can take a look at your case and let you know what it may be worth. They can also review your medical records to see what kinds of long-term injuries you’re suffering from.

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