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The Legacy Left Behind

Louisiana landowners have entered into contracts and agreements that have been disregarded by big oil companies, leaving these individuals responsible for unreasonable costs and contaminated land. In some cases, the land in question holds a negative value following the development due to the negligence of these corporations and damages left behind.

For decades, the state of Louisiana has done little to protect landowners, offering feeble regulatory measures that allow big oil companies to operate unbridled at the direct cost to the landowner and at the expense of the land itself due to contamination.

Big oil and gas companies have lulled state regulatory and environmental agencies into their own camps with the propaganda of job creation and economic development. In reality, they have simply devastated hundreds of thousands of acres of land as state agencies turn a blind eye.

Louisiana Oil And Gas Law Attorneys Handling Claims Against Big Oil Companies

As residents of Louisiana, the attorney of Veron Bice, LLC are dedicated to seeking justice for our neighbors and fellow landowners in a system with little regulation or checks.

We will help you evaluate the damage that has been done to your property and build a strong case to hold the appropriate parties accountable. From lease violations to toxic contamination to the devastation left behind the following fracking, we can efficiently conduct the tests and document and accumulate the evidence needed to pursue the matter in court or settlement.

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