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Oil and Gas Royalties

Oil and gas drilling operations in Lake Charles and throughout Louisiana provide substantive financial payouts to individuals who have entered into agreements with oil and gas companies. While it is expected that payouts may lessen as the natural resources dry up, sometimes the drop in payments are caused by errors made by drilling operators that lead to premature well death. At Veron Bice, LLC, our Louisiana oil and gas royalties attorneys represent individuals who believe the oil and gas companies have caused a loss of resources or royalties. We provide strong research and litigation services to ensure that the companies are held responsible for imprudent drilling operations.

We Will Analyze All Areas Of The Drilling Operations In Pursuit Of Justice

If our legal team determines that you have a valid loss of royalties claim against the oil and gas companies, we will begin an intensive fact-finding mission to evaluate the drilling operations. We will work alongside experts such as petroleum engineers to analyze the oil and gas lease, well files and other records associated with the drilling operations. If it is determined that the drop in your royalty check was caused by a mistake instead of a natural end to resources, we will then file a lawsuit to recover against the company.

While we are researching and pursuing recovery of the loss of your royalties, you can rest assured that we will keep you fully informed of the information we uncover and the legal options available to you. We will put all of our resources to work to get justice for you.

To Discuss Pursuing Legal Disputes Over Oil Payment, Contact Our Firm

We offer free initial consultations to individuals who believe they are receiving incorrect oil and gas royalties. We can discuss your lease and whether you have a legal claim against the oil and gas company.

To schedule your consultation with one of our lawyers, please contact our Louisiana law firm today at 337-310-1600.

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