Oil and Gas Leases

As oil and gas companies sweep through the land, developing for natural resources, oil and gas leases must be quickly agreed upon. Often these corporations offer landowners pre-printed leases to quickly review and agree to. These contracts often allow for the company to work unchecked with minimal responsibility for the cleanup or restoration of the land. The contracts also often leave ambiguity surrounding the specifics of royalties and other payments.

Protecting Your Oil Field Property Rights

The contracts also often leave the door open for drainage of the land, allowing an operator to ignore the land for an amount of time while others develop the majority of the resources from the location. This is generally at the primary expense of the landowner.

While the companies are legally responsible to protect owners from these potential problems, the state of Louisiana does little to regulate the actions of the companies, rarely enforcing these leases.

It is up to the individual landowner to take legal action to protect the land and his or her own interest. At Veron Bice, LLC, our Louisiana oil and gas leases attorneys are prepared to fight for your interests and prevent this activity from continuing unchecked.

We are committed to holding the companies accountable for the activity that is happening on the land and for the payments that are required of them to the landowner. We review the contracts involved to ensure that proper accounting is taking place, rather than allowing the companies to pass along unfair expenses to the landowner.

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