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Imprudent Drilling Operations

For decades, gas and oil companies have continued to recklessly extract resources from the earth, cutting corners and placing Louisiana residents in harm’s way. State regulatory agencies have turned a blind eye to their increasingly risky practices. Because of these improper drilling operations, oil spills, fracking, and environmental contamination have hurt the land and its owners. At Veron Bice, LLC, our Louisiana imprudent drilling lawyers are committed to fighting for restitution following this all-too-common irresponsibility.

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After obtaining an oil and gas lease for a property, companies move quickly to develop for resources. In their haste, they do not pay the attention they should to the methods and practices of their operators. Also, cutting corners often lead to serious mistakes in the process that can make it impossible to extract from the reservoir, robbing a landowner of the value of the oil beneath the owner’s property.

Common errors include:

  • Neglecting to do a block squeeze can mess up the pressure under the well of water. Oil can no longer be extracted from the reservoir.
  • Accidentally polluting the oil with water, making it too difficult or expensive to get the oil out.

Oil companies have also made devastating errors in recent years that led to costly oil spills and contamination of land and soil throughout Louisiana. These actions have profoundly impacted the health and well-being of residents throughout the state.

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Lastly, we understand the widespread indifference that oil companies have demonstrated toward the land and its owners. Louisiana state regulatory agencies have turned a blind eye to this irresponsibility and allowed big oil companies to continue unchecked. However, our lawyers have great records of holding these parties accountable. We fight vigilantly to see restitution awarded.

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