Failure To Diagnose

Whether you are facing an injury or treatable illness, you trust your chosen medical professional to accurately diagnose your situation to develop a course of action. Unfortunately, whether through inattention, defective equipment or general negligence, it is not uncommon for our attorneys in Lake Charles to see a failure to diagnose lead to injuries.

Located in Lake Charles, Lousiana, the medical malpractice attorneys at Veron Bice, LLC, have extensive experience representing injured clients. Our staff of dedicated professionals has over 200 years of combined legal experience, also we are prepared to answer difficult questions and represent complex cases.

Holding Doctors Accountable For Tragic Errors

When a doctor, nurse or surgeon mistakenly diagnoses — or completely miss a medical issue — the results can be devastating. There are numerous reasons for a missed or misdiagnosis, including:

  • Not listening to patient complaints
  • Not taking an accurate patient history
  • Also, not performing the right diagnostic tests
  • Miscommunication among health care staff
  • Defective or malfunctioning diagnostic equipment
  • Failure to correctly read test results
  • Failure to prescribe the right course of action
  • Lastly, failure to monitor a patient’s response to treatment

Our lawyers stand ready to represent injured clients in cases involving:

  • Failure to diagnose and/or properly treat cancer
  • Failure to diagnose and/or properly treat heart attack
  • Also, diagnosis failure and/or properly treat infection
  • Failure to diagnose and/or properly treat stroke
  • Failure to diagnose and/or properly treat fetal distress
  • Lastly, failure to diagnose and/or properly treat a high-risk pregnancy

From wrong-site surgery to prescribing the incorrect medication, medical negligence can impact an entire family. If you or a loved one suffered an injury or worsening condition, call the personal injury attorneys at Veron Bice, LLC, at 337-310-1600 or contact us online today.

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