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Lake Charles Brain Damage Birth Injury Attorney

Lake Charles Brain Damage Birth Injury Attorney

 Lake Charles Brain Damage Birth Injury AttorneyOne of the most devastating injuries that a family can face is an injury to their child. Birth injuries can create lifelong disabilities or death. Our legal team understands the devastation you are experiencing and want you to know that you are not alone.

Brain damage that occurs during labor and delivery may also be called head trauma. There are several circumstances during which an infant can suffer brain damage or head trauma during birth. Some injuries happen because of unpreventable circumstances, such as an untreatable health condition in the mother or a genetic defect.

In other circumstances, a medical professional may have failed to follow accepted best practices. Serious birth injuries can result in the need for lifelong medical treatment. Some of the financial costs can include rehabilitation, adaptive devices, handicapped accessible homes and vehicles, or the necessity for hired caretakers.

If you believe that your child suffered a brain injury during birth, contact the Lake Charles birth injury lawyers of Veron Bice, LLC today at 337-310-1600. Our experienced and compassionate attorneys will answer your questions and offer guidance to recover compensation that may help pay for medical costs, lost wages if mom is unable to return to work, and pain and suffering.

How Birth Injuries Happen

There are several ways in which an injury can occur during birth. Some of the more common forms of medical malpractice or negligence include:

  • Using a vaginal delivery when a C-section was indicated
  • Mistakes using delivery tools, such as forceps or vacuum extractors
  • Failure to diagnose and treat a health condition during pregnancy
  • Prescribing medications that have known harmful side effects for a developing child
  • Failure to identify and treat fetal distress

Brain damage can happen during labor and delivery when the baby doesn’t get enough oxygen to the brain, if there is significant trauma, or if the child’s blood sugar levels drop.

In these cases, the lack of oxygen or sugar can result in damage to the neurological system when there aren’t enough nutrients or oxygen. External trauma from forceps or vacuum suction can also cause trauma to the brain, resulting in brain damage.

How Do I Know if My Baby Has Brain Damage from Birth?

The consequences of brain damage at birth look different than a traumatic brain injury that occurs after a child has reached one year or older. Parents may see a variety of symptoms that indicate there was a problem during pregnancy, labor, or delivery. Some of the obvious symptoms you may observe in your newborn include:

  • Seizure activity
  • Paralyzed muscles
  • Broken bones
  • Vision or hearing loss
  • Dislocated shoulder
  • Poor muscle tone
  • Stiff legs that have scissor movements
  • Unusual stiffness or floppiness
  • Developmental delays
  • Muscle spasms or tremors

Brain damage during birth can result in seizure activity, hearing and sight loss, and cognitive impairment. As children grow, parents may observe delayed development or cerebral palsy.

Cerebral palsy is a group of physical disabilities that affect a child’s balance and posture. It’s one of the more common motor disabilities in childhood. The symptoms can vary from child to child.

However, the condition is not progressive. While a child may require more specialized equipment as they grow older, the health condition has not progressed. Instead, muscle weakness and loss of balance and posture control are affected by the size and weight of the child. The older and larger the child grows, the more they may require assistance.

Treating Brain Damage from Labor and Delivery

Lake Charles Brain Damage Birth Injury AttorneyIf you suspect there is something neurologically wrong with your infant, it’s vital that you inform your doctor as soon as possible. Early diagnosis and treatment can help reduce the effects of the damage. Most birth injuries cannot be cured, but early interventions can help reduce the symptoms your child experiences. This gives your child the ability to reach their best potential.

Your child may require physical, occupational, or speech therapy to help with their educational and cognitive deficits. In some cases, brain damage does not impact cognitive ability, but can have a devastating effect on a child’s physical ability.

If your child exhibits these symptoms, you may suspect that it happened at birth. Do not hesitate to contact a Louisiana birth injury attorney from Veron Bice, LLC. We can listen to the details of your case and help determine whether you are owed compensation.

Filing a Personal Injury Lawsuit

What you do after your child has experienced a birth injury can have an impact on the outcome of your claim. Any time you believe your child has suffered an injury, seek immediate medical attention. This not only increases their ability to reach their best potential, but also documents any abnormalities or unusual symptoms that will support your case.

Follow all medical advice for evaluations by specialists and be sure to maintain ongoing care. Make a list of the healthcare professionals that your baby sees, and keep a daily journal of the specific appointments, procedures, and symptoms that you notice at home.

Include all medical interventions that are prescribed and completed for your child. This could include physical therapy, prescription medications, or diagnostic procedures. Write down any prescriptions that you were given when you were pregnant, along with the contact details of the pharmacy where you filled them.

Contact an Experienced Birth Injury Attorney Today

If you believe that your baby was injured during labor and delivery or suffered an injury because of malpractice during the pregnancy, you need an experienced birth injury attorney on your side. The legal team at Veron Bice, LLC has helped parents and families fight for their right to fair compensation to help cover medical expenses and pain and suffering after brain damage from a birth injury.

We believe that our results speak for themselves. We recognize that every case is unique, and the results cannot be predicted. However, when you work with an experienced team of attorneys, you have a higher likelihood of successful resolution.

Call our offices today at 337-310-1600 or contact us online for your free, confidential consultation. You will meet with one of our attorneys, who will review the details of your case and answer your questions.

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