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Man Killed in Train Crash in Kenner Louisiana

We’ve all done it. We see a train is coming and the safety rail is coming down. There’s a part of us that thinks, if we drive fast enough, we can make it. Then, the smart part of us realizes that, if we do this, we can end up dead. There is no surviving a train crash in Kenner Louisiana. Unfortunately, for a driver of a truck in Kenner, Louisiana, he made the wrong decision. He decided it was worth the risk and tried to speed through the safety guard. As he crossed the tracks, his truck was smashed by a commercial train.

The bed of the driver’s truck ended up flying into a nearby homeowner’s yard. The rest of the truck ended up in a ditch alongside the train tracks. A woman in the passenger seat – presumably the driver’s girlfriend or wife – was transported to the hospital and is said to be in critical condition.

There is an ongoing investigation into the crash. So far, the authorities haven’t commented as to whether or not alcohol or drugs played a part in the crash. This information will surely come out at some point. For now, our prayers go out to the passenger in the truck and hope she can survive her serious injuries.

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Source: https://www.kalb.com/content/news/1-killed-1-critically-injured-in-Kenner-train-crash-564853112.html

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