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Multitasking a big factor in risk of a car accident

A survey by Kelley Blue Book found that 61 percent of drivers who took part confessed to doing several things at once while operating the vehicle. While the drivers acknowledged that they understand the dangers of distracted driving, they continue to do it.

In the study, 47 percent of those who replied stated that they used their phones while driving in residential areas; 40 percent said they did so while on the highway; 86 percent said they used their phones when stopped at a red signal or stuck in traffic. The most frequent ways in which drivers are distracted is through cellphone use (78 percent) and by using navigation devices (71 percent). Texting was third at 67 percent. Next was using music applications (47 percent) and interacting on social media at (31 percent).

Estimates from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration state that 25 percent of all accidents were due to some type of distraction to the driver. Drivers under the age of 20 are most frequently involved in these accidents. The amount of texting and driving and social media use is generally linked to the age of the drivers. In the survey, 74 percent of respondents who are part of the Millennial generation said they sometimes text while driving. About 87 percent of Baby Boomers in the survey said they sometimes talk on their phones while driving. About 83 percent of Generation X respondents said they speak on their cellphones while driving.

The respondents to the survey were very forthcoming about their dangerous behavior. After an accident, a driver may not be so honest. Often, negligent drivers do not tell the truth as to what caused the car crash. The injured who are seeking compensation after an accident may need a full investigation.

Speaking to an attorney experienced in helping clients who were injured or lost a loved one in a car accidentis a good idea. If an investigation shows that the other driver was distracted at the time of the crash, this can help support a finding of negligence.

Source: KBB.com, “Distracted driving still rampant, take the pledge,” April 13, 2016

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