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Motorcyclist killed in crash after car runs red light

Motorcyclists are a frequent sight on the roads in Louisiana. While the majority of drivers will watch them closely and share the roads with them in a safe manner, accidents will still happen. In some instances, these accidents are due to unforeseen circumstances. In others, they result from a driver failing to follow the law and crashing into the motorcyclist. Given the vulnerability of motorcycle riders, there is a significant chance that an accident victim can be severely hurt or killed.

Recently in Louisiana, a man on a motorcycle died in a five-vehicle accident. According to police, the series of crashes started when a 72-year-old woman ran through a red light in her 2014 Infiniti QX80 and hit the 53-year-old rider. It is not known why the woman did not stop at the red signal, but it is not believed that intoxicating substances or speed were factors in the accident. The motorcycle accident victim was thrown from his 2016 Harley Davidson.

When the bike skidded across the street, it hit two other vehicles that were stopped at a red light. A second motorcycle rider was thrown from his 2006 Harley Davidson when he hit the Infiniti’s rear door on the driver’s side. He was sent to the hospital. The first man was pronounced dead when he was taken to the hospital. The other people involved in the accident were not injured.

Any kind of motor vehicle accident can have serious consequences. When there is a death, there will be many things for the family to consider. This can include the loss of income that the decedent provided, the companionship and other personal and emotional factors. Those who have lost a loved one in a motorcycle accident need to be cognizant of what they will have to face in the future. A full investigation to determine whether it happened due to a failure to yield, an act of recklessness or negligence or any other reason must be conducted with the interests of the family in mind. Speaking to an attorney experienced in helping clients after a motorcycle accident can help in pursuing a legal case to be compensated.

Source: NOLA.com, “1 dead in 5-vehicle crash in Gretna on Sunday; 2nd motorcycle death in 1 day,” Emily Lane, April 4, 2016

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