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Mother wants closure in possible wrongful death case

A mother whose son was killed in a hit-and-run car accident wants the public to help her identify the driver who killed her son. If the driver is identified, a wrongful death suit could possible by filed. The hit-and-run accident occurred over Halloween weekend and happened in eastern New Orleans. The mother says she would have forgiven the driver had he or she stopped to help her son. The driver left the scene of the accident and the mother is now without her 23-year-old son.

The 23-year-old who was killed in the accident was getting a ride home from friends after going out to celebrate a friend’s birthday. The group was returning from the south shore when the accident occurred.

According to police the 23-year-old had been in an argument with a group of acquaintances in the car he was traveling in. The 23-year-old exited the vehicle after the driver of the car pulled over to the side of the road. The 23-year-old’s ride left him and state highway employees discovered the body of the young man four hours later near the Irish Bayou exit. Investigators say the young man had suffered injuries consistent with being hit by a vehicle.

The mother of the 23-year-old says she has no ill will towards the young people her son was traveling with. The young folks had visited her and asked for her forgiveness. The mother said, “They’re young. We all make mistakes. I feel no anger for them.” Towards the driver of the car that hit her son she feels differently.

She said had the driver stopped and acted she might have been able to say good-bye to her son at the hospital.

Source: nola.com, “Fatal hit-and-run victim’s mother pleads for public to help authorities find suspect,”Ramon Antonio Vargas, Oct. 31, 2011

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