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Louisiana mother asks for closure after fatal hit-and-run

Mothers should not need to bury their children and it is especially tragic when a mother must bury her son because of a horrific car crash. After her son became the victim of a fatal car accident, a Louisiana mother is desperate to find the driver who hit her son near the Irish Bayou exit of Interstate 10 in New Orleans. Although this mother said she could have forgiven the driver who struck her son if he or she had stopped to help, she is upset that the motorist drove away without calling for an ambulance.

Fatal motor vehicle and pedestrian accidents are heart wrenching and there is nothing a family can do to bring that loved one back. While money will certainly not heal a broken heart or even come close to fixing the pain of a family member’s death, a wrongful death lawsuit can help family members grieve instead of forcing them to deal with financial issues during a trying time. The family should not have to suffer financially from the loss of wages or the costs of a funeral. They shouldn’t even have to pay for any counseling they might need to deal with their loss. These types of costs should be covered by the driver who caused the fatal accident.

Unfortunately for this mother, police are still trying to determine who that driver was. The motorist who fatally injured her son did not stop, did not call for help and did not alert paramedics that there was an injured man on the side of the road. Rather, the driver left this young man on the side of the interstate for state highway employees to find four hours later.

The young man’s mother cannot bring herself to forgive whoever did this to her son. She wishes desperately that the driver had given her the chance to say goodbye to her son at the hospital.

Source: The Times-Picayune, “Fatal hit-and-run victim’s mother pleads for public to help authorities find suspect,” Ramon Antonio Vargas, Oct. 31, 2011

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