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Louisiana levee board lawsuit gets big political boost

We’ve been talking about the Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority-East’s lawsuit against 97 oil and gas companies for some time now. That suit hopes to get some of the injury and damage to the state’s coastal areas repaired by the oil and gas industry or wants the oil and gas companies to pay for the repairs.

The lawsuit has become a point of contention for current Louisiana governor, Bobby Jindal. He vehemently opposes the suit and wants nothing more than to stop it. This includes trying to get legislation passed that would put an end to the suit, most notably the proposed bill by Sen. Robert Adley.

The lawsuit and the SLFPA-E continue to draw support, though, both from the public and politicians. Now, three former governors for the state of Louisiana have brought their support to the SLFPA-E. Those governors are Kathleen Blanco, Buddy Roemer and Edwin Edwards.

The three were on a panel at Loyola University. All three made statements about how the state and its officials should stay out of the lawsuit. They did not believe that Gov. Jindal or the state’s legislature should have anything to do with interfering with the lawsuit.

The former governors believe in Louisiana being a “for-profit state.” What they don’t believe is that the oil and gas companies that have caused so much damage to the wetlands and marshes should be allowed to get away without paying for it.

Two of the three governors believe that the best thing that can happen is that the lawsuit is allowed to go to court and a judge will determine who is responsible for the damage. All want politics to stay out of it.

Environmental concerns, such as the damage that was done to the state’s coastal areas, sometimes must be heard in court. The advice of an experienced attorney can prove beneficial to those who want to see an end to many of the state’s current environmental problems.

Source: Think Progress, “3 Former Louisiana Governors Agree: Lawsuit Against 97 Oil And Gas Companies Should Proceed” Ari Phillips, Mar. 27, 2014

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