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Louisiana driver was indicted for vehicular homicide

Drivers are well aware of the serious effects driving under the influence of alcohol can have on themselves and others in the general public. As one particular incident of impaired driving demonstrates, injuries suffered in drunk driving accidents can have fatal results. The 34-year-old woman in this incident had been driving with a blood alcohol level that exceeded the legal limit. The driver apparently overcorrected her driving after running the vehicle off the road. The vehicle, a 2015 Chevrolet Tahoe, overturned.

The investigation of the single-vehicle accident has indicated that the woman’s condition caused the incident. Thus, the driver’s impaired driving was responsible for the harm that came to the Tahoe’s passenger. The victim suffered fatal injuries in the car accident and was pronounced dead at the scene. As a result, the driver has been indicted on charges of vehicular homicide in regards to the passenger’s death.

A drunk driving fatality can have serious effects, particularly for the family of the victim. Many tend to experience psychological difficulties when coping with such a sudden loss. Depending on certain factors, such as the age and relationship the family member had with the victim, therapeutic intervention can be necessary. The family’s financial circumstances can be affected as well. Funeral costs are one unplanned expense the family has to manage after the victim’s death. In some cases, the victim may have been a contributor to the family income, therefore further aggravating the financial losses caused by the car accident. A driver deemed liable in these situations could be made to compensate for some of these damages.

If a drunk driver causes the death of someone else, the victim’s family has the option to consult a lawyer. The lawyer may be able to indicate if the family can seek compensation for recovering some of the financial loss.

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