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Louisiana crash sees two fatalities, other driver charged

The families of two people involved in a car accident in Louisiana earlier this week are likely still reeling from the tragic news. When a car accident takes the life of someone we love, it can feel senseless and we helpless. Understanding where to go from that point can be incredibly difficult time and the family members of the two in this week’s fatal accident may take some comfort in learning that the other driver has had several criminal charges brought against her.

The accident reportedly occurred early in the morning and involved just the two cars. The two who perished had been within a Nissan Altima that was said to be parked on the shoulder of I-10, close to mile marker 214. The other car struck the backside of their vehicle and the two cars set on fire. Both persons inside the Nissan were pronounced dead on the scene, the other driver had managed to get out of her vehicle.

The criminal charges this other driver faces include reckless operation, vehicular homicide and DWI. The DWI charge is due to the suspicion that the driver may have been impaired; however the lab results of her tests had not yet confirmed this. Authorities did say, though, that she had been traveling at a high speed when the accident occurred.

Louisiana families who have had to cope with not only the death of a loved one but the additional stress of working through the aftermath and possibly struggling without that person’s presence may want to look into the laws surrounding wrongful death in our state. Having an attorney who knows this area of practice work through your options with you could help in the way of compensation for the death of your loved one to allow you and your family to begin the healing process.

Source: khou.com, “Houston woman faces charges after fiery crash kills two in Louisiana,” Feb. 5, 2013

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