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Learning more about crashes and wet weather

Motorists in Louisiana may be interested in learning more about how inclement weather conditions can increase the risk of a car accident occurring. The American Auto Association estimates there to be approximately 1.2 million crashes in the country every year. Keeping an adequate distance of about two second between vehicles is recommended under ideal road conditions with good visibility. When wet pavement is an issue, the distance between vehicles may be increased to four seconds.

Maintaining adequate air pressure in the vehicle’s tires may also be instrumental in avoiding a car accident caused by wet weather. Most manufacturers and safety advocates recommend that the tires are rotated after traveling approximately 5,000 miles. Reducing hydroplaning and skidding by steering well or limiting braking may also be paramount in avoiding a wreck attributable to wet road conditions. Motorists are advised to dodge potholes during inclement weather as contact may be detrimental to the vehicle’s front-end alignment, wheels or tires.

Applying the brakes beforehand is recommended when dodging the pothole is not possible. Releasing the brake while going over the pothole may help the tire avoid taking on a solid hit. Safety advocates maintain that remaining alert when driving in inclement weather may be the most critical factor in reducing the safety risks associated with traveling in the wet conditions typically brought on by the spring season.

Legal counsel may be able to assist anyone who has been injured in an accident involving wet weather or a defective vehicle. Lawyers might be prepared to investigate the accident and help identify anyone who may be responsible for causing the resulting damages. In order to obtain restitution, legal counsel may need to prove that the defendant was engaged in driver negligence or committed traffic violations during the moments leading up to the collision.

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