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Leaking lunch boxes could poison pets, humans

If you bring food to work or school in a lunch box, you may need to check the insulation after a company has recently recalled 248,000 of its lunch boxes. While companies that participate in voluntary recalls are admitting that something is wrong with their products, not everyone is aware when recalls happen. Anyone in Louisiana that is injured by an unsafe product can seek compensation from the manufacturer who made, marketed and sold the defective product.

These lunch boxes which have been recalled are reported to have leaking freezer gel packs in the insulation. If the pack breaks, a gel containing ethylene glycol and diethylene glycol will leak into the lunch box and potentially contaminate a person’s food. The gel is extremely poisonous and there have currently been reports of two dogs becoming ill from eating the gel. One of the dogs was unable to recover and subsequently died.

Although there have not been any reports of human injuries or deaths, it is possible that Lake Charles and other Louisiana residents may not hear about the recall and could unknowingly ingest the gel. The lunch boxes have been sold at a variety of stores across the country.

Manufacturers cannot be responsible for every injury ever caused by their products, but when something has a design flaw or the product cannot be used safely, manufacturers can and should be held accountable for any injuries that result. If the manufacturer has made a product that will injure or harm a customer, even if he or she is using the device how the manufacturer intended, it is not the consumer’s fault if he or she is injured.

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