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Insurance policies may provide coverage for pedestrians

If a pedestrian is hit by a drunk or negligent driver, typically we expect the driver’s insurance to pay for the expenses. But, what if the driver is uninsured? In states such as Louisiana, insurance providers offer what is called uninsured motorist insurance policies that will allow pedestrians who are injured by an uninsured driver to seek compensation for damages.

Uninsured motorist bodily injury coverage provides coverage for a motorist’s personal injuries sustained in car accidents by uninsured drivers. Under various insurance policies, however, the coverage could also extend to personal injuries sustained by pedestrians in car accidents with uninsured drivers.

In addition, different insurance companies offer different policy terms and conditions that may affect coverage. Some companies provide broader benefits that can extend to the policyholders’ family members, which means a person’s child would have coverage under the policy if hit by a car while playing in the street.

The best thing a consumer can do to determine the extent of their coverage is to speak with their insurance company and review the terms of the agreement. If the policy does not explicitly provide coverage for pedestrians it is important for the policyholder to contact their insurance provider to determine the limits of their coverage.

It is also important to carefully determine the scope of the coverage and the benefits it provides before an accident happens. On top of the trauma that may be caused by an auto accident, crashes are expensive. Insurance companies provide coverage to alleviate a portion of that burden, but how much of that burden a policy will cover depends on the policy. In any event, those injured due to the negligence of others should also consider what legal remedies may be available to recover for the costs associated with the accident.

Source: FOX Business, “Does Uninsured Motorist Cover Pedestrians in Louisiana?” Penny Gusner, March 8, 2012

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