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Injured Pedestrians: Do This After a Vehicle-Related Crash

The worst thing that can happen to a pedestrian is to be struck by a motor vehicle. Cars move quickly, and worse, they weigh thousands of pounds. When a pedestrian gets hit by one, the injuries are likely to be catastrophic and fatal.

If you were lucky enough to survive being hit by a car while walking, there’s a chance that the motor vehicle driver was at fault and liable for your resulting injuries — especially the costs associated with your medical care and lost income relating to permanent or temporary disabilities.

To protect your legal right to file a claim for damages, here’s what you should do in the days following your pedestrian versus car collision:

Write down any facts you can remember about the crash: Immediately after the wreck, your memory will be fresh with all the details surrounding the incident. Make sure that you document these facts and any information you can think of. In addition, take notes on your injuries, lost wages and medical costs associated with your injuries.

Take notes on conversations you have: You might discuss the collision with others who were involved in it or who witnessed it. Take notes about the information these individuals convey.

Save all of your evidence: If you have any kind of evidence that shows who caused your crash, and the extent of your damages and injuries, save it — including physical evidence like torn or bloody clothing.

Take photographs: Take photographs of the car, the crash scene and your injuries if possible.

Find people who saw the crash: Try to track down additional witnesses who may have seen the collisions. These individuals may be able to assist you in proving your lawsuit.

Learn about Louisiana personal injury law: You may want to explore how personal injury law applies to your unique factual scenario. This will help you prepare your evidence and present your case in the best possible light.

It’s important to note that statutes of limitation will apply to all pedestrian versus car crash cases. This means that injured parties will have only a limited amount of time within which to pursue a lawsuit. As such, injured pedestrians who are recovering from a serious auto collision may want to investigate their potential case as soon as possible.

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