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How to protect against injuries during a car accident

Residents of Louisiana may not be aware that there are preventable measures that can be taken before a car accident. Drivers should always insist that any passengers wear seat belts at all times and observe traffic signals to reduce the possibility of an accident happening. However, no amount of preparation can completely prevent a car accident, regardless of how cautious the driver is being.

Injuries to the lower extremities such as the legs, knees and feet can be diminished when positioning them together. Take care to not position them at an awkward angle, making them vulnerable if a car accident happens. A common injury that happens in collisions is to the back area, whether it is a minor injury such as a sprain or a more serious one like a slipped disc or spinal injury. Damages of this nature could last for several years if proper seat belts are not worn.

Perhaps the most serious injury that occurs in a car accident is damage to the brain, including trauma and concussion that can lead to a coma or memory loss. Front and side air bags can help to reduce these injuries upon impact.

Injuries involving the face and head can be as minor as a laceration or bruises. However, sufficient damage to the mouth and teeth may require extensive dental surgery. This type of injury often occurs whenever a passenger is slammed into a window during the car accident. If a collision is foreseeable, protecting the face and head area may help to reduce the significance of the injuries.

Whenever a car accident occurs, injury or loss of life is probable. Because of medical expenses and lost wages, an accident victim might hire a car crash lawyer to assist in recovering expenses.

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