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How to explain road rage

Louisiana residents might have heard of a recent case in which a woman was shot and killed in a road rage incident. While many people experience feelings of anger while driving, it is not clear why this happens. One theory is that a car is a small space that people feel invincible in. Because of this, those who may act calm and rational in other areas of life explode with anger in their cars.

Another factor that might explain road rage is the fact that people feel anonymous while in their vehicles. Without a relationship or a personal connection with the other driver, it becomes easier to yell or raise a finger at them after being cut off. Additionally, those who engage in this type of behavior may believe that it is easy to drive off after making a rude gesture with no consequences for those actions.

Some believe that being in a car is the best place to let go of stress or tension that has built up throughout the day. In some cases, the stress or tension of being in traffic might make it more likely to act out in the car. It could also be possible that those who engage in road rage behaviors are simply more prone to outbursts whether in a car, at home or elsewhere.

Any driver, pedestrian or passenger who is injured in a car accident may wish to talk to an attorney. Those who are hurt due to actions taken by another party in an act of road rage could have grounds for legal action. It could be possible for a car accident victim to obtain compensation for their injuries as well as compensation for lost wages or lost future earnings.

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