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How Can Your Lawyer Help Track Down a Hit and Run Driver?

No matter where you live, it’s against the law to leave the scene of an accident. In fact, it’s actually illegal to get into an accident and fail to report it. But that doesn’t mean everybody follows the rules. People flee the scene of a car crash in Louisiana more often than you may imagine. There are all sorts of reasons for this – which we’ll discuss later. But no matter what the reason, it doesn’t make it right. And it can make your life really complicated.

Usually, if you get into a car accident in Lake Charles, there are certain steps you can take. These steps need to be followed no matter how minor or major the crash is:

  • Call 911 – The police will come to the scene and make sure everyone is okay. They’ll call and make sure an ambulance comes to transport any injured people to the emergency room. The police will also check to see if either of the drivers are drunk or high at the time of the crash. They’ll also make sure the drivers have valid driver’s licenses and insurance. However, this isn’t all the police will do. They’ll conduct a thorough investigation of the crash and prepare a police report. This report will help your Lake Charles car accident attorney prove your case in court. It will also give you the information you need to figure out who you need to pursue in the first place.
  • Go to the hospital – A lot of people see no need to go to the hospital after their car accident. They don’t think they’re hurt. In fact, they feel fine. No matter how good you feel, you need to get checked out by a doctor. You could have internal injuries. And, your car accident lawyer in Louisiana is going to need your medical records to prove your damages.
  • Call an experienced car accident lawyer in Lake Charles – You may have no idea whether you’re going to need a lawyer the day of your accident. For all you know, your insurance claim will be paid right away. However, it’s better to be safe than sorry. And, if the other driver flees the scene, you’re definitely going to need a lawyer.

If you follow these steps, there’s a good chance your insurance claim will be approved. And, if this is the case, you’ll get your insurance check within a few weeks. This way, you can pay to get your car fixed and recoup any money you spent on out-of-pocket medical expenses. Depending on the facts of your case, you may even get money to cover time missed from work. However, if you’re not so lucky, you’re going to need an experienced car accident lawyer in Lake Charles.

Why Would Somebody Flee the Scene of an Accident in Louisiana?

Most of us can’t imagine leaving the scene of an accident. Not only is it against the law, but it’s just wrong. How could someone get into a crash and not check to see if anybody was hurt? The right thing to do is talk to the other driver, call the police and see if anyone needs immediate medical attention. When people don’t do this, they not only risk getting into trouble, but they also risk the safety of the other victims.

There are all sorts of reasons why someone would flee the scene of a crash, including:

  • They don’t have a valid license
  • They have no car insurance
  • They’re drunk or high
  • They have outstanding warrants
  • They are driving a stolen vehicle
  • They just don’t care

No matter the reason, it’s wrong to do this. The cops will do their best to track down the person who hit you. Without this information, you have no way to file a claim against their insurance policy. You also have no option of filing a personal injury lawsuit against then if need be. Thankfully, there are some things your Lake Charles accident lawyer can do to help you track the culprit down.

How Can an Experienced Car Accident Lawyer in Louisiana Help?

Your attorney has years of experience handling cases like this. They can do a variety of things to track down the person who hit you. Some of these things are:

  • Check with local mechanics to see if any cars matching the description of the other car were brought in for service
  • Get copies of any video recordings such as intersection cameras and dash cams
  • Talk to the witnesses named in the police report

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