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How A Trump Administration Affects Louisiana Landowners

Over the past eight years, the U.S. oil and gas industry has encountered a slowing in overall growth, due in part to the policies enacted by the Obama administration. With the election of Donald Trump, America can anticipate to see a resurgence in the expansion of pipelines and the opening up of Federal lands for oil exploration. What might this mean to landowners in Louisiana?

New pipelines and onshore drilling likely

Several projects that have encountered resistance such as the Dakota Access Pipeline will receive support from key politicos working in the new Trump administration.

Restrictions and delays will be lifted in the interest of moving these large infrastructure projects forward to garner support from the corporate segment. Grassroots protests, like the one in Standing Rock, may not enjoy the protection of their liberties and lands, despite promises made during the campaign.

Offshore drilling not anticipated to grow

Experts don’t expect to see much increase appear in the offshore drilling segment of the industry, even though there should be a better economic environment for big oil to begin new projects. However, federal domestic policy may not have as large an impact as Big Oil continues to work towards the recovery of the Gulf Coast.

Renewed vigilance to protect your land needed

If your property is located near an unexplored oil field or in the path of a proposed pipeline, it will be more important than ever to protect your rights with energy and commitment. Reaching out to an attorney with experience in property law and knowledge of the oil industry will be key in preserving your home and the environment.

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