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Helping teens prevent car accidents

Louisiana parents give their children permission to drive with great trepidation. Indeed, fatal accident statistics tend to be the highest for the teen driver demographic. This is probably due to the fact that teens are new and inexperienced drivers, and they are often more likely to take risks just for the adventure of it while driving.

Let’s take a look at a few things Louisiana parents can advise their teens about in order to better safeguard their children from being involved in or causing a fatal crash:

— Eliminate distractions: Any modern parent has watched teens with their noses buried in their cellphones. Can you imagine this scenario with the teenager driving a car? It is important for parents to tell their teens to never use their cellphones while driving. Also, teens should avoid driving with fellow teen passengers as this can create serious distractions that commonly cause accidents.

— Drive the speed limit: Teenagers, with their sense of adventure and fun, often speed without thinking of the potential consequences. Parents may want to talk to their teens, not only about the dangers and potentially life-altering consequences of speeding, but also about the need to drive at a speed that is appropriate given the weather conditions. Drivers need to slow down in bad weather conditions not only for their own safety, but also because it’s the law.

— Using a seatbelt: Although using a seatbelt will not help a teenager avoid getting into a crash, it could save his or her life and prevent catastrophic injury in the event a crash occurs. As such, teens should be advised to require seatbelt use from themselves and from all other passengers in their vehicles.

Have you or a teenage family member been involved in an injurious or fatal accident? It may be possible to hold an at-fault party liable for financial damages by pursuing a personal injury or wrongful death claim in court.

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