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GM adds 4 models to recall

Louisiana drivers may want to know about a recent recall involving more than 500,000 vehicles in the U.S. by General Motors. So far in 2014, the automaker has recalled more than 14 million vehicles in 38 separate incidents. According to reports, the recent wave of recalls is the result of GM’s new process of fixing car issues after it was revealed that the carmaker waited more than a decade to repair an ignition switch defect in its older vehicles.

On June 13, GM announced that it is recalling 530,000 vehicles in addition to the 2.6 million already announced earlier in the year. The new vehicles, which include Chevrolet Camaros from the last four model years, Saab convertibles, Chevrolet Sonics and late model Buick LaCrosses, are being recalled for different reasons than the previously recalled cars. Those earlier vehicles had a faulty ignition switch, which could turn off the engine while the vehicle is in motion. This has led to 13 reported fatalities so far.

The issue with the Camaros was discovered during testing prompted by the earlier recall. If a driver’s leg bumps into the key while the car is in motion, the ignition has the potential to switch out of the run position. This can cause power steering and brake assists to cease functioning. GM says that there have been three crashes attributed to this issue so far, which resulted in minor injuries. The auto defects that prompted the recalls for the other three vehicle models have not resulted in any crashes or injuries, according to GM.

The carmaker has since terminated 15 employees after an internal investigation into the previous recalls of the 2.6 million vehicles, which reports say was delayed for 11 years. In situations like this, where an injury or death has occurred due to a manufacturing defect, there may be a claim for damages against the negligent manufacturer. An attorney may be able to assist with evaluating the evidence and filing the lawsuit.

Source: The Baltimore Sun, “GM recalls an additional 530,000 cars, including late model Camaros“, Jerry Hirsch, June 13, 2014

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