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Fatal Accident Shows Danger of Truck-Related Crashes

A delivery truck driver was killed in a crash with a tractor-trailer late last week. The accident occurred on Interstate 20 near Bossier City. There is no indication as of yet of any wrongdoing on the part of the driver of the tractor-trailer, but the incident provides yet another reminder of the dangers of collisions involving large vehicles such as trucks or semis.

While any motor vehicle accident has the potential to cause serious damage and catastrophic personal injuries, crashes involving one vehicle that is much larger than the other present a much greater danger to the occupant of the small vehicle. Whether the collision occurs between a car and semi, or a car and a motorcycle, one of the main factors in determining the severity of an individual’s injuries will be the weight and size of the vehicles.

According to witnesses, the accident involving the tractor-trailer and the delivery truck occurred as the tractor-trailer was stopped in traffic. It is unknown why he was not able to stop in time, but the delivery truck driver apparently drove into the back of the larger truck. One witness claimed that a sign several miles behind the accident had indicated that traffic might be slowed due to a stalled vehicle.

In a case like this, the delivery truck driver’s vehicle was most likely much lighter than the tractor-trailer, and even though the larger truck was stopped in traffic, its size and weight would dictate that the delivery truck would suffer more damage from the collision.

The accident also demonstrates the importance of keeping a safe distance from other vehicles on the road. The area in which the crash occurred is known as an area that gets backed up with traffic during peak driving times. Whenever there are a large number of vehicles on the road, the chances of a stall, an accident, or some other event requiring a quick stop are greatly increased. Therefore, it is advisable that all drivers maintain enough room to stop in the event the vehicle ahead of them stops suddenly.

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