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Family Files Wrongful Death Suit Against Police

There are endless ways that a life can be taken before its time, but one always hopes that it is not at least at the hands of those sworn to protect and to serve. Unfortunately for one Louisiana family, their child was killed in the course of a police chase, and they have brought a wrongful death claim against the police department and several police officers they allege are responsible.

The tragedy occurred in November 2015 when police engaged in a car chase with the boy’s father while the boy was a passenger. The chase came to an end when the police had the car cornered on a dead-end street. Two officers then opened fire on the vehicle, firing roughly 18 times into the vehicle. Some of the bullets struck the child in the neck and head. According to reports, the child was still alive for some time after being shot, but did not receive medical attention in time to be saved.

Some parties, including the family’s representation, have brought up that one of the issue at stake is the relatively low level of training that is required to be an armed officer on the street here in Louisiana. While the outcome of the suit is still unknown, the family will remain devastated for years to come. If any good can be brought out of such a senseless killing, it is hopeful that standards for training police will be raised in Louisiana, potentially saving more lives from being lost.

If you have a loved one who has lost their life unjustly or accidentally, you may be a candidate for a successful wrongful death suit. With the guidance of an experienced attorney, you can pursue justice for your loss and fight to keep others from suffering the same fate.

Source: Louisiana Record, “Autistic child’s wrongful death suit heads to court,” Gianni da Costa, Nov. 15, 2016

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