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Excess and inappropriate speed both contribute to car accidents

When local Louisiana drivers view another car that appears to be going too fast, they might think that the driver is going to cause an accident. Indeed, speed is a contributing factor to not only countless car accidents, but also to the severity of such accidents. In other words, it is all too common for the typical car crash to be either caused by speed or worsened by at least one driver going too fast.

According to the World Health Organization, two types of speed contribute to crashes and the severity thereof, excess speed and inappropriate speed. In general, excess speed is defined as going over the posted speed limit, whereas inappropriate speed involves driving too fast for the current conditions. For example, a driver going 40 mph through a 25 mph school zone is exhibiting excess speed; likewise, a driver going 65 mph on a highway during an ice storm may be exhibiting inappropriate speed, even if he or she is not surpassing the speed limit.

Unfortunately, both types of speeding can lead to damaging auto accidents. The faster a driver is going, of course, the longer it takes to stop, and depending on Louisiana’s variable road conditions, it may not be possible to stop at all in rain or ice if a driver is exceeding a certain rate. The only thing that may stop some speeding cars is an actual collision, leaving pain and suffering as well as physical injury in its wake. Excess and inappropriate speed are preventable, and victims of accidents caused by speed have legal recourse.

To hold a reckless or negligent speeding driver accountable, an accident victim can consult with a local auto accident attorney. Topics that may be discussed include the extent of one’s injuries, the cause or causes of the accident, compensation for damages such as medical bills and lost wages as well as the victim’s overall legal options. Often, an accident victim is simply in the path of a speeding, careless driver through no fault of their own. Seeking a lawyer’s help may allow the victim to obtain compensation.

Source: World Health Organization, “Road Safety – Speed,” accessed Sept. 24, 2016

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