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Driver’s unexplained actions cause death in vehicle accident

Sometimes people do unexplainable things, and occasionally those actions result in injury to others. Police officers in Gonzales, Louisiana, are working with the Louisiana State Police Crime Lab to figure out why a woman drove the wrong way down Interstate 10, causing a crash that killed her and an oncoming driver and injured a third.

The woman was an out-of-town visitor and left her family in Baton Rouge in high spirits, driving to New Orleans to catch a flight back home. Because the woman was driving back toward Baton Rouge in the afternoon, the vehicle accident may suggest that there were more factors than just carelessness that caused the accident and will need further investigation.

The other person killed in the crash was working for a car dealership and was delivering a new car to the dealership when it was struck by the wrong-way driver. Another driver was unable to avoid the accident and rear-ended the eastbound vehicle.

One witness described the accident to 911 operators while it was happening, saying he knew the drivers must have been hurt.

Another witness said he saw the car driving the wrong way down an eastbound on-ramp at another location, but it stopped, then proceeded west on the eastbound lanes.

According to The Advocate, police arrived on the scene within 30 seconds of the first 911 call, closing the eastbound highway and redirecting traffic for three hours. They found nothing at the scene of the accident to help determine why the woman was traveling the wrong way.

Source: The Advocate, “Police trying to find out why Oregon woman drove the wrong way on I-10,” Dec. 1, 2011

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